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Newport Leisure Centre

Land at Usk Way, Newport, NP20 2BP


This is notification of commencement of the Pre-Application Consultation Stage, in line with the statutory requirements of the Planning (Wales) Act 2015. The date of commencement is 20th July 2021, and all responses must be received by 17th August 2021.


What are the proposals:


Construction of a new Leisure Centre (D2) and Community Health and Wellbeing Centre (D1), including a pool hall.


Following this consultation, we will be submitting a planning application this Autumn to take the project forward. The Council are aiming to deliver this much needed leisure centre to encourage people to use this community hub and revitalise this area of Newport. The Council is committed to working with neighbours and the local community to help us do this.



Item Description Author
1 Planning application forms (with completed ownership certificates) KEW Planning
2 Covering Letter KEW Planning
3 1909-LAA-XX-XX-DR-A-01000 Rev P02 – Location Plan LA Architects
4 1909-LAA-XX-XX-DR-A-01002 Rev P01 – Proposed Location Plan LA Architects
5 1909-LAA-XX-XX-DR-A-01022 Rev P05 – Proposed Site Plan LA Architects
6 1909-LAA-XX-B1-DR-A-02100 Rev P04 – Proposed Basement Plan LA Architects
7 1909-LAA-XX-00-DR-A-02101 Rev P04– Proposed Ground Floor Plan LA Architects
8 1909-LAA-XX-01-DR-A-02102 Rev P04 – Proposed First Floor Plan LA Architects
9 1909-LAA-XX-02-DR-A-02103 Rev P03 – Proposed Second Floor Plan LA Architects
10 1909-LAA-XX-RF-DR-A-02104 Rev P04– Proposed Roof Plan LA Architects
11 1909-LAA-XX-XX-DR-A-1200 Rev P04 – Proposed Elevations LA Architects
12 1909-LAA-XX-XX-DR-A-02300 Rev P04 – Proposed Sections LA Architects
13 Planning, Design and Access Statement KEW Planning
14 Transport Statement (Ref: CC2207-CAM-ZZ-XX-RP-C-0001) Cambria
15 Travel Plan (Ref: CC2207-CAM-ZZ-XX-RP-C-0002) Cambria
16 Acoustics; Stage 3 Report Hoare Lea
17 Landscape Scheme – Full Planting schedule and tree species The Richards Partnership
18 Archaeological Desk Based Assessment Archaeology Wales
19 Archaeological Watching Brief Archaeology Wales
20 Flood Consequence Assessment (FCA) PHG Consulting Engineers
21 Drainage Strategy PHG Consulting Engineers
22 Phase 1: Preliminary Ecological Assessment The Landmark Practice
23 Geotechnical Investigation Remediation Report Precision
24 Sustainability Statement Hoare Lea
25 Heritage Impact Assessment KEW Planning
26 Tree Assessment and Method Statement Mackley Davies
27 Fire Strategy Report Hoare Lea
28 Lighting Strategy Hoare Lea