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AXIS Land Partnership

Authority: Monmouthshire County Council 


Proposed development:


AXIS Land Partnerships has appointed KEW Planning to promote land north of the A48, Crick, Monmouthshire, in the Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan for allocation for housing.  The administrative authority is Monmouthshire County Council (MCC).


Planning Issues


The site is an existing brownfield site located approximately 1 mile from the minor village of Crick.  


KEW Planning has prepared the architectural briefing tender to appoint the architect to prepare the indicative site layout to demonstrate the number of houses that could be secured at the site.  As part of this the site will show landscaping, access arrangements, consideration to drainage, appropriate layout and density.  


The Second Call for Sites is expected in May and KEW Planning is collaboratively working with Mosaic (the appointed architect) to prepare representations to justify the allocation of the subject site.  The site is outside the settlement boundary (circa 0.5 miles) to a minor village and comprises of a brownfield site, with a vacant industrial / warehouse building that was decommissioned several years ago.



The project is ongoing with the first representations on the first LDP paper (Growth and Spatial Options paper) made to support the ‘growth’ option for settlements in this location.  


A masterplan to provide an indicative layout for the site is being prepared and research will include the demographic population; planning applications permitted in the vicinity; sustainable development criteria available to the site, which will be prepared and submitted as part of the Second Call for Sites.