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Brentwood Borough Council (BBC)

Client: Brentwood Borough Council (BBC)


Proposed Development:

KEW Planning was instructed by BBC to act as the planning officer in relation to a full application submitted by Eclipse Property, for the following:

– Partial demolition of a part 1 part 2 storey building, retaining the historic front elevation.

– Erection of a 4 storey building comprising:

— 2 commercial units; and

— 13 residential units.

– Dedicated cycle and refuse storage area.

– Communal courtyard.


The site is located on Brentwood High Street, within the primary shopping area, and is part of the Brentwood Town Centre Conservation Area.



KEW Planning provided dedicated resources to help BBC determine this planning application. We worked alongside BCC officers to assess the impact of the proposal on the local context, with particular regards to the conservation area, the amenity of neighbouring residents and the local highway network. The amenity of future occupiers was also a key consideration.  A viability assessment was submitted to demonstrate the requirement for zero affordable housing.


KEW Planning successfully negotiated on behalf of BBC contributions towards public open space and outdoor sport facilities, and a review mechanism for the delivery of affordable housing. This will ensure that affordable housing is delivered on site, to a maximum policy compliant position, should the viability of the scheme prove better than expected as works progress.


KEW Planning presented this planning application to the February 2023 BBC planning committee, and the application was approved.


Full service included:

– Site inspection.

– Review of planning application documents.

– Post-submission liaison with the design team to discuss the application.

– Liaison and feedback from statutory consultees.

– Members briefings.

– Committee report preparation.

– Committee presentation preparation.