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Brentwood Borough Council

Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) 


Local Planning Authority: Brentwood Borough Council (BBC)


KEW Planning is acting as the planning officer, on behalf of BBC, through Planning Performance Agreements (PPA), to determine applications submitted for 3no. allocated strategic sites in the emerging Local Plan (LP), being released from the Green Belt. At the time of appointment in October 2021, the LP was being considered by the Inspectorate. In March 2022, the LP was adopted.


The strategic sites comprise of the following:


Former Ingatestone Garden Centre


Reserved Matters (RM) for layout, appearance and scale for 91 residential units and an RM for landscape, plus 12no. discharge of conditions applications and 1no. section 73 application to vary a condition relating to the noise levels. The key requirement of the appointment of KEW Planning on 10 October 2021, was to ensure that all of the applications were determined by 17 December 2021. The applications had been lodged in July 2021 and there had been no engagement in the initial 9 weeks. This requirement was met.


Hallmark, land north of Roman Road


Full application for the construction of headquarter offices and care home, with access (and related highway works), servicing, parking and landscaping. This application was lodged on 14 October 2021 and is in the process of being determined. The site is allocated for employment and negotiation through the plan preparation and application to justify the care home provision has been a key element, together with negotiating the highway improvement works, which are ongoing. The application is due to be considered at the June 2022 planning committee, subject to ‘no objection’ from National Highways and Essex County Highways.


Cala Homes, land off Roman Road


Full application for 57 residential units, with associated landscaping and parking. KEW Planning successfully negotiated with the applicant to reconfigure the layout to improve the provision of open public space, defensible space and ensure the amenity of future occupiers would be of a good standard. The elevational treatment and layout has been revised to relate to the wider townscape and ensure the connectivity with the wider environs. The application was validated on 22 March 2022 and is expected to be considered at the June 2022 planning committee.



KEW Planning provided planning consultancy services acting as the planning officer for the above applications, to provide a dedicated resource for BBC the applicants. KEW Planning has liaised closely with BBC admin officers to ensure the timely response from statutory consultees and led on the following:


• Pre-application meetings

• Design Review Panel presentations and meetings

• Members briefings

• Site inspections

• Progress meetings

• Review of planning application documents

• Post submission meetings with design team for feedback on applications

• Liaison and feedback from statutory consultees

• Approval of validation of applications and assistance with consultation areas.

• Delegated report preparation.

• Committee report preparation.

“Working with the KEW Planning team on this project has been a delight. Kathryn and the team quickly got to grips with the three sites, all at different stages and presenting varying constraints.

We were able to work collaboratively with the applicants through performance agreements and milestones have been met as expected.

When issues arose we’ve been able to work through these together and applicants have expressed their support. Ultimately KEW Planning have felt like part of the team, which is greatly appreciated.”

Phil Drane | Corporate Director – Planning and Economy | Brentwood Borough Council