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Authority: Cardiff Council 


Proposed Development:


KEW Planning was appointed to seek the temporary change of use for a period of 5 years from a warehouse (Class B8) to an events venue (sui generis).  


DEPOT is an established business in Cardiff and a popular destination venue, that has various events including BINGO Lingo, Beaky Blinders, Six Nations Rugby and more.  


Planning Issues:


The temporary change of use would result in the loss of employment floorspace.  The premises had been vacant for over 12 months and the proposed events venue would create a number of jobs whilst in operation.


DEPOT were relocating from their established premises on Dumballs Road due to Pollution Control serving a noise abatement notice, prohibiting further continued use and the landlord increased the rent significantly.  Pollution Control raised a number of concerns in relation to noise generation.




KEW Planning negotiated and provided evidence in conjunction with noise specialists Wardell Armstrong, to successfully overcome concerns and agreed with the use of carefully worded planning conditions.  Consequently, KEW Planning successfully obtained permission.  

“Kathryn has been dedicated to working with DEPOT for a lengthy period, to successfully negotiate with Cardiff Council. It was a fantastic result after a lot of hard work from the team.”

Nicholas Saunders, Managing Director, DEPOT