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Leekes, Melksham

Client: Leekes


Authority: Wiltshire District Council


Proposed Development:

Erection of a new Costa drive-thru in the car park of the Leekes store in Melksham, Wiltshire.


Planning Issues:

KEW Planning provided planning advice to Leekes, a Welsh retailer, reviewing the ability to provide a new Costa drive-thru in the car park of the Leekes store in Melksham, Wiltshire.  KEW Planning sought to engage directly with the Parish Council, to inform them of the proposals and to ensure any queries raised could be dealt with and answered before an application was submitted.  Pre-application feedback was sought as well, to ensure all information necessary was prepared.  Following the advice, which requested a sequential test be completed, KEW Planning prepared the sequential assessment, which was accepted by Wiltshire Council.

A detailed planning application was prepared and submitted.  Highways did raise queries in the determination period, which were not previously raised at the pre-application. As a result, further highways information and management of the car parking area was prepared by the transport consultant.



KEW Planning secured planning permission in March 2023, for the proposed development under delegated powers, having negotiated a number of technical matters, such as highways and opening hours, to the advantage of the client.