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London Borough of Redbridge (LBR)

Client: London Borough of Redbridge (LBR)


Proposed Development:


LBR was allocated funding by the Mayor of London to deliver affordable housing throughout the Borough. In order to deliver this affordable housing, KEW Planning was instructed on phase 2 for the following projects:


Budoch Court


Single storey roof extensions and the erection of a 4 storey block to provide a mix of 20 units.


Suffolk Court


Single storey roof extensions and the erection of a 4no. infill blocks to deliver a mix of 60 units.


Heathcote Court & Glade Court


Erection of 33 new units with associated landscaping and car parking.


Little Gearies


Demolition of existing garages and the erection of 103 new residential units in the form of new blocks.


Planning Issues:


Application 1:


Design impact on the wider open countryside and the nearby trees had to be addressed in the application


Application 2:


The site sits outside of the settlement boundary and is located within a designated Landscape Protection area (Policy ER5).  The access road is a single track which is narrow and not well utilised, requiring upgrade works.  The site is also a Site of Nature Conservation (SINC) and suitable for a range of protected species.



KEW Planning provided consultancy advice acting as the planning officer determining 4no. planning applications through a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA), to provide dedicated resources to help meet the key milestones in an efficient and expert way. The programme was extremely vertical with all developments to commence on site in March 2021 to secure the allocated grant funding. Full service included:


• Pre-application meetings

• Design Workshops

• Design Review Panel presentations and meetings

• Members briefings

• Site inspections

• Weekly progress meetings

• Review of planning application documents

• Post submission meetings with design team for feedback on applications

• Liaison and feedback from statutory consultees

• Approval of validation of applications and assistance with consultation areas.

• Committee report preparation.

• Committee presentation.


All 4 applications were approved at 20th January and 27th January 2021 Planning Committees.

“We have been extremely pleased with the swift responses, advice and professional service that we have received from KEW Planning. This has greatly assisted with the delivery of the applications.”

Brett Leahy, Head of Planning & Building Control London Borough of Redbridge