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Tiger Yard

Client: Tiger Yard


Authority: Cardiff City Council (CCC)


Proposed Development:

Temporary change of use of the former Doctor Who at Porth Teigr, Butetown, for a period of 5 years to an events venue (sui generis) for music entertainment and restaurant use (named Tiger Yard operated by DEPOT). The event venue comprises of 24 multi-coloured shipping containers, including street food operators, bars, seating areas and a stage.


Planning Issues:

This brownfield site is in a mixed-use area, immediately adjacent to Cardiff Bay waterfront, which is designated a Priority Area (Coastal Saltmarsh), containing several protected ecological sites.  As a result, ecological investigations were necessary to support the application.  In addition, there is a residential area nearby and Environmental Health needed evidence to confirm noise levels would not exceed WHO standards, and neighbourhood amenity preserved.



KEW Planning liaised with the appointed ecologists to ensure the necessary mitigation measures were presented, to ensure no harm to the Priority Area.

KEW Planning coordinated information from the operator including Dispersal and Noise Policies, to ensure that adequate noise and crowd control would be implemented. In addition, DEPOT’s ‘Neighbour’s Charter’ will be implemented, ensuring customers are respectful of neighbours. Planning permission was granted on 16th March 2023 via delegated powers.