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Torfaen Country Borough Council Employment Land Review

Policy and Research


In 2016, JLL was commissioned to prepare an Employment Land Review Report, as part of the Local Development Plan review.  It was also to facilitate the desire of TCBC to compulsory purchase Craig Y Felin, to allow the delivery of this significant parcel of land to be used for employment related uses.  Kathryn Williams (KEW Planning) led the project team that undertook this research.  


The aim of the report was to:

1. Determine the type and level of demand for new employment premises, including the needs of local employers.

2. A qualitative review of existing employment sites in the Borough included those allocated in the current LDP, and those with planning permission.

3. An independent and impartial assessment and appraisal of other potential locations for development sites in the Borough. 

The main outputs from the report included the following:


  • A review of the potential to attract inward investment, as well as threats to the local economy and any inward investment to the area, from within the wider sub-region of South East Wales.
  • Advice on the sites which are not likely to come forward for development and justification for this. 
  • Strategy to deliver the existing employment sites within the Borough, with options for new uses in order to facilitate regeneration.  
  • A review of existing employment sites, assessing the quality and level of vacancy.
  • Advice on whether new or replacement sites are needed to meet demand and business requirements.
  • Assessment of the supply pipeline (review of approved planning applications); level of demand and uptake.
  • Identifying locations for strategic employment sites within the Borough.